Blues & Boogie from Kiel

Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder
Left: Georg Schroeter (piano, vocals)
right: Marc Breitfelder (harp)

On , Jay Sieleman (Blues Foundation) spoke the magic words:

The winner is – Baltic Blues Society, Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder, representing Germany!

That means the two are the first European musicians ever to win the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, USA, the world's most prestigious award for Blues musicians, and run away with it from the USA, the home of the blues.

The foundation of the mostly improvised music of Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder is the Blues, complemented by many related kinds of music: Rock 'n' Roll, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Boogie Woogie or Country – orchestrated with masterly piano play, an outstanding harmonica and a unique Blues voice. Read more