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Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder

Spirit of the Blues

Spirit Of The Blues: Marc Breitfelder, Abi Wallenstein, Georg Schroeter

Abi Wallenstein, Georg Schroeter, Marc Breitfelder

He seems like an old friend you've known for a long time, but still, any “Blues evening with Abi” is unique. He instantly facinates any audience with his smoky Blues voice, always clinging to his guitar, and an endearing, entertaining way of guiding people through his set.

He always brings along some Blues friends helping him turn the evening into a one-of-a-kind experience. In this formation, he is backed up by Marc Breitfelder (harmonica) and Georg Schroeter (piano), both of them experts on their instruments, who just now became the first European act ever to win the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, USA, the world's most prestigious award for Blues musicians, and run away with it from the USA, the home of the blues.

These concerts come with the promise of fun and recreation, excellent Blues giving you goose bumps as well as unique interpretations played solo or as a band by these congenial musicians coveted all over the world.

Improvisation, connecting with the audience to share the magic of the music with them plus an endless repertoire of Blues, ballads, Boogie etc. are just a few of their strengths - simply put: concerts to look forward to.

Trio formations

“Three's a crowd”? Not for Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder, who actually enjoy proving this proverb wrong playing in various trio formations.

Playing with these collaborators always adds a special component to the concerts, which more than often are being extended to big sessions on stage.

Trio collaborators

Tom Shaka

Born in the U.S., but of sicillian origin, the veteran has been a constant factor in the European Blues scene, which wouldn't miss him for the world. The Blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player, who also plays the ukulele and mandolin, is well known and treasured around the world. He started his career in the early 70s.

Deeply inspired by African-American Blues music and pioneers of the genre like Charley Patton, Robert Johnson und John Lee Hooker, Tom Shaka embodies authentic, raw Blues, which comes straight from the heart in the broadest sense of the expression. Tom Shaka is an expert at integrating other musical influence next to traditional Blues with his performances. His endless repertoire includes hundreds of Songs, including elements from ragtime, jazz, gospel, soul, latin, and rock 'n' roll sources.
David Herzel

David Herzel has over 20 years of experience playing on stage. His perceptive, extremely groovy and very dynamic style of play has made him one of the most coveted drummers in the Blues and Jazz scene.

He played with various bands like The Original Contemporaries, County Parrish, Kerstin Belz, B.B. & The Blues Shacks, Jeanne Carroll, Marc Florian Friedrich and others.

A popular special guest in clubs and on festivals in Germany and abroad, his career has also led him to India and Scandinavia. He won the “Kreativ-Preis Deutschland” in 2002 with his Finnish-German band Saimaa.
Martin Röttger

Martin Röttger was one of the first to discover the Peruvian percussion instrument Cajon as an alternative drumset. In more than 1000 concerts, he played it for national and international acts like Lousiana Red, Chuck Berry, Toni Sheridan, Tom Shaka, Vince Weber, Steve Baker, Rainer Baumann, Abi Wallenstein, Axel Zwingernberger or Chris Jones. He playes as a supporting act for Robin Ford, Spencer Davis Group, Junior Wells, to name a few.
Stephan Ullmann

Stephan Ullmann is a practising music producer from the Rhein-Neckar region as well as guitar player and singer by passion. After working with artists like Anne Haigis and Chaka Khan in the 90s, he is well-known in the German music scene as guitarist and singer of the Jule Neigel Band.

He has work with various artist as a producer and studio musician, i.e. Rolf Stahlhofen, No Angels, Lucy or Zeichen der Zeit feat. Xavier Naidoo. He is also a producer for Herbert Grönemeyer's label “Grönland” as well as a programmer for his tours. His curriculum vitae as producer, composer and singer also includes songs and film music for German TV shows “Hinter Gittern” (RTL) or “Löwenzahn” (ZDF).

Over the past couple of years, Ullmann has played more than a hundred gigs all over the world, sharing the stage with artists like Laith Al Deen, Nile Rodgers, Shaggy, Roger Hudson, to name a few. His passionate presence on stage, energetic guitar play and catchy Soul voice have earned him popularity far across the borders of the Rhein-Neckar delta.

These three musicians share a passion for music. Their program includes a wide mixture of pop and ballads as well as rock and blues evergreens with a driving beat.


The German Blues Project

The German Blues Project

Under the moniker "The German Blues Project", two of the most well-known German blues acts join forces. On the one hand Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder, winners of the International Blues Challenge 2011 in Memphis, USA. One the other hand one of the most powerful German blues rock trios and participants in the European Blues Challenge 2011 in Berlin, Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics.

This new band came into being at the final session of the EBC at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, when both acts played together for the first time and simply astonished the audience because of their instant chemistry on stage.


Backing band

Sven Zimmermann, Jan Mohr, Martin Röttger

Three musicians sometimes back up Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder to form a “real” band:  Sven Zimmermann (bass), Jan Mohr (guitar) and Martin Röttger (drums).

In addition to the regular line-up, the band likes to welcome special guests on stage - i.e. Abi Wallenstein, Stephan Ullmann or Tom Ripphahn (all of them vocals/guitar).

Georg & Marc also love to participate in sessions, as they did in Memphis in 2011 with Sean Carney, Jonn Richardson, Karen Lovely, Phil Gates, Zac Harmon, Eddie Turner, Trampled Under Foot

Wall of fame

Gottfried Böttger Shakura S'Aida, Zac Harmon Anna Kaiser Trampled Underfoot Tom Ripphahn Jonn Richardson, Sean Carney, Karen Lovely Maya Hakvoort Eddie Turner, Phil Gates